Meet Our Team

Benedict Voutsoro

Co-Founder, CEO, and President

Benedict graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from California Institute of Technology (GIT) in 2009, around this time Satoshi Nakamoto was writing a white paper that could change society for good. Benedict then went to Wall Street and worked in the IT departments of several investment firms and financial service providers. His area of specialty was the statistical capacity of information systems. In early 2011, he stumbled upon a discussion about Bitcoin in the office. He was intrigued, and he didn't sleep that evening. He researched the cryptocurrency and the technology behind it throughout the night. He figured that something was compelling about it. He began trading Bitcoin, just a week after learning about it. And a month into it, he resigned from his job and made Bitcoin his primary focus. And as they say, the rest is history. Benedict’s central role in Bitcoin Trader App has been to provide the statistical capacity to enable the system to make accurate determinations on market trends and meaningful price forecasting.

Dan Voutsoro

Co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer

Dan is a self-taught software developer who has worked for several tech startups in Silicon Valley, and elsewhere. He learned about Bitcoin from his elder brother Benedict in 2011, and he almost immediately began to trade the cryptocurrency. However, for him, the most exciting part was the technology that powers the cryptocurrency; the blockchain. He has studied the core software of Bitcoin as well as other decentralized applications (dApps) that have been built to run on blockchain backends. He has gone on to be a consultant for several dApp projects, with a particular focus on user interface intuitiveness. He is the technical force behind Bitcoin Trader App’s protocol execution as well as the front end designs. He also continues to trades crypto assets in his personal capacity using the Bitcoin Trader App.

John Silverman

Vice president and COO

Before joining Bitcoin Trader in 2017, John had worked for Ogba Tech, a software solutions company, as the chief accountant for close to 6 years. He is a graduate of the Columbia Business School, and he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He too, shares in the passion for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. In fact, John first became a member of the Bitcoin Trader community before he joined our team after we expressed an interest in finding an expert with his qualifications to help us improve our service delivery. John’s responsibilities include designing and overseeing company processes and business operations. Just like Benedict and Dan, John is now an accomplished Bitcoin trader.

Gregory Kulic

Marketing Director

Gregory has worked as a freelance marketer and consultant for more than 20 years. He has an undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of New York, and masters in Brand Strategy and Planning from the same college. He joined our team in 2018, and we have benefited a lot from his deep experience in digital marketing and product placement. Immediately he became our lead marketer, he joined our Bitcoin Trader community. He has always expressed gratitude to us for introducing him to Bitcoin trading. In addition to giving him the inside experience that is necessary to furnish potential users with what they should expect, he also generates more revenue for himself than he ever imagined he could make in his career. Gregory is in charge of public relations and also oversees the customer support department.